mercoledì 27 settembre 2017

How I met Biodinamyc Craniosacral Therapy (and fell in love)

I bumped into Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, years ago, by chance. A colleague told me about some sessions he was receiving, about how relaxed he felt after them and how his tensions lowered. So, I tried. During my first session there was indeed a huge relaxation of muscles, but, after that, my body started doing little movements beyond my willingness to do them. I was astonished. My body seemed to have its own will: it was as if an inner force was creating and directing these movements.
These little movements continued in the following sessions, along with a progressive state of relaxation. During my Biodynamic Craniosacral training and, after that, as a practitioner myself, I learned to feel these movements coming, to ride their waves, to be with them.

Biodynamics is not an easy story to tell. It is an art based on quantum physics, biology, biophysics more than about classical anatomy. It is an art of presence without judgement. It is not easy to explain it to clients, but it definitely works. This forces that we perceive inside our bodies and in client's bodies are coming from the Field, the space around us, the Earth, the Universe. At the end, it is not so important to explain what are this forces, but to learn to feel and cooperate with them. Because they are at work in our everyday life, they constanly shape our reality and the reality of our bodies.

I truly love my work as Biodynamic practitioner. I really think this method should be taught in schools, along with the art of being present.
Maybe in the next future this will happen. Maybe we all be able to listen to Tides in our bodies. Maybe.
In the meantime my heart become warmer by seeing more and more people getting in touch with Craniosacral Biodynamics around the world, and contributing to spread the news: our body has an inner intelligence, and that intelligence is called Health.

Maria Cristina Leboffe
(all rights reserved)
Picture: Donatella Chiesa copyright 2015

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