lunedì 6 novembre 2017

The Universal Tide

I truly believe that there is an Universal Tide going through our lives, that helps us to see and resolve our lifetime issues. This Tide has a duration and a rhythm, as the Fluid Tide and the Long Tide have, and a lenght of few days. Issues come into the scene, always with some pain and distress: they only need to be met and seen, and to be listened and welcomed, without opposition. They evolve more, free to be expressed sometimes as a deep existential pain, they become almost unbearable and after an apex, they start to disappear, leaving a profound sense of peace, strength and awareness.
I’ve been noticing and experiencing this process, with presence and care towards myself, a lot of times recently.
And the process is always the same.
We as Biodynamics practitioners live the experience of Tides and rhythms in our everyday work, we know that Nature itself is organized in cycles. Why don’t we start to bring attention to the Universal Tide in our lives, and then bring it to our clients?
This could contribute to a great great change in consciousness: from Fear to Trust.

Maria Cristina Leboffe
(all rights reserved)

Digital Art by Maria Cristina Leboffe 2017 all rights reserved

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